BSAD 210: Statistics for Business and Economics (3/week)


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Lecture Notes
Practice Exams
Data Sets
Understanding Excel I 1.1 1.1d 1.1a
Understanding Excel I 1.2 1.2d 1.2a

Law of Large Numbers and Central Tendency 2.1 n/a 2.1a
Geometric Mean 2.2 n/a 2.2a
Weighted Average

Dispersion 3.1 3.1d 3.1a
Of Data and Displays I 3.2 3.2d 3.2a
Of Data and Displays II

4.1 4.1d 4.1a
The Normal Distribution and the CLT I
4.2 4.2d 4.2a
The Normal Distribution and the CLT II

Confidence Intervals I Data Sets
Confidence Intervals II Data Set 0
Confidence Intervals III Data Set 1
Hypotheses and Types of Error Data Set 2
Hypothesis Testing I Data Set 3
Hypothesis Testing II Data Set 4
Hypothesis Testing III Data Set 5

Data Set 6
Correlation & Causation Data Set 7
Simple Linear Regression I
Simple Linear Regression II Exam 1 Data
Simple Linear Regression III Exam 2 Data (n/a)
Multivariable Regression I Exam 3 Data
Multivariable Regression II Exam 4 Data
Multivariable Regression III
Understanding Regressions I Memo Data Sets
Understanding Regressions II

Expected Value I
Expected Value II
Bayes' Theorem I
Bayes' Theorem II
Bayes' Theorem III
Discrete Probability Models I
Discrete Probability Models II