ECON 202: Microeconomics (2/week)


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Topic Notes
Online Material
Introduction L. Read or Video version
Marginal Analysis & Supply and Demand
A. Smith (One, Two, & Three)
Shifting Supply and Demand
MRU (One, Two, & Three)
Reveiwing Supply and Demand
(Optional MRU: Four)
The Price System

Price Controls
What's My Grade?
Asymmetric Information

Labor Markets and Trade
Practice Exams

Number Key
Elasticity I 1.1 1.1a
Elasticity II

Price Discrimination I 2.1 2.1a
Price Discrimination II

Reviewing Elasticity and PD 3.1 3.1a
Taxes and Subsidies

Types of Goods

Externalities and Market Failure

Solving Externalities

Competition I

Competition II

Monopoly I

Monopoly II

Reviewing Competition and Monopoly

Game Theory I

Game Theory II

The Future